Related eBooks Easy-on-the-Joints Workouts That Really Deliver!           If you’re new to exercise, overweight, or dealing with pain caused by an injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, your doctor may have recommended that you start a low-impact workout program. But what does “low impact” really mean—and can it really help you burn enough calories to lose weight and get in shape?   For an exercise to be low impact, one foot must always be in contact with the ground or your weight must be supported by water or by a machine. So you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing a low-impact workout—and that doesn’t mean it has to be easy (unless you want it to be). The things you want to avoid are high-impact moves like running, jumping, skipping rope, plyometrics and dance workouts that involve leaping.   Here are 15 low-impactContinue Reading
          When many Americans want to get fit, they lace ’em up and hit the pavement: In 2015, running was the fifth most popular form of exercise in America, according to a report from the National Sporting Goods Association, with 44.5 million people going for a jog. And the sport is growing: More than 17 million people finished a running event in 2015, an increase of more than seven million runners since 2005.   While running can do lots of great things for your body and mental state, though, it can also be tough on your body.   “Running can introduce between three to 10 times the athlete’s bodyweight in force through the lower extremity,” says Taylor Weglicki, Ph.D., a physical therapist and coach with Complete Human Performance. If your running form, your body’s movement patterns or your posture are dysfunctional, Weglicki says, “you can seeContinue Reading
How to Make Fitness a Habit for Life           At some point in my mid-twenties, I recognized that exercise would always be an integral part of my life. I had been consistently working out for years and enjoyed the physiological and psychological benefits of my fitness routine. I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and I knew that despite life’s ever-changing circumstances, fitness would always be a priority for me. I had become what I call a ”highly effective exerciser,” or a Lifetime Effective Exerciser (LTEE).   Why is it that some of us LTEEs can’t imagine not exercising, while others can’t imagine how to begin and keep exercising? Motivation and the psychology of exercise were, and still are, my favorite subjects. After more than 30 years in this profession and working with thousands of individuals, I have noticed that those that get ”hooked” and stayContinue Reading
          So, you’re on a mission to make exercise a part of your everyday routine. Congratulations—you’re one step ahead of most. But here’s the big question: Can you pull it off at home? After all, you don’t need a fancy gym membership to get fit. While some might argue that it’s great for getting social and breaking out of the rut, gyms can also be intimidating and overcrowded. Maybe you’ve got grandchildren to watch or the gym is just out of your budget. Perhaps there isn’t a gym that fits your needs nearby, or the thought of being surrounded by people while you sweat makes you cringe. You’re not alone—this is where at-home workouts come into play. Deciding to ditch the gym doesn’t mean you’re free of hard work and effort, though. Exercising at home comes with its own set of hurdles and requires a totallyContinue Reading
5 Exercises Beginners Must Try               Super sets, Tabata, intervals, circuits—just when you think you have a handle on all the strength-training methods, a new kid moves into town. And while plyometrics have been around for some time, you’ve likely seen the buzzword pop up more recently thanks to the rise in popularity of high-intensity interval training and Tabata workouts. Described by many as “explosive movements,” this essential workout style is guaranteed to leave you breathless, sore and even closer to reaching your ultimate fitness goals. For those looking to take their workout to the next level or add variety to a stale strength-training routine, plyometrics are a great way to increase the calorie burn of your workout, improve your fitness level and see greater results from all of the time and hard work you’ve been putting into your exercise routine. What Is It?Continue Reading


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