Kratos or Not

How do you rate someone to be Kratos or Not? Or how do you rate yourself? do you see yourself the way others see you or is it all a figment of your imagination.

Why not test all your achievements here, the body transformation you have been working on for so long, put those gym sessions to the test, all those countless, thankless hours of pushing, pulling, lifting, sweating, working your guts out to achieve your dream physique.

Has all the effort transformed you into a “Greek God”, god of power and strength or is there still a way to go? Are you impressed with those guns, have you been curling tirelessly for years, what about those pecs, are they the biggest and best they can be?, the lats, shredded abs, glutes, calves and more, are you the total package.

If so then upload your photo here and get ranked out of 5 stars, people can also leave comments if they like. A little bit of healthy competition is good for you, so why not join in the fun, upload your best pose here and get ranked, you never know you might be more impressive than you give yourself credit for, because we all know that we are our own worst critics.

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