Workout program for firefighter training


I’ve looked up a lot of other posts about firefighter fitness on here and didn’t really feel like any of them apply too much to me. A little about myself fitness history first: Used to do a lot of strongman type lifting, very typical chest, shoulders, legs isolation workouts. Recently switched to a mostly vegetarian sometimes vegan diet and experienced a 180 degree turn around in my health, lost weight (45lbs) and my gains and recovery in the workout realm were amazing. Haven’t had a gym membership in a few months due to finances but have stayed active through running, cycling, pushups/pullups and the occasional home dvd workout. I’m not out of shape in comparison to a lot of people i know but i definitely lack the strength and muscle tone i’d like. I’m planning on getting a gym membership this next month (january) as i just landed a good job and have some bills to pay off first and there is a good gym right across the street from my job. I want to form a workout program that will help me with a few things: (I’m in process of being a firefighter so i need functional fitness, strength and cardio.) -Gain muscle, lose that last bit of body fat -Keep me lean, don’t want to bulk but have good definition and size. -Better overall (as i like to call it) brute strength I was thinking crossfit but wasn’t sure if it was the right route. I know i want/need to develop my leg strength and endurance so i’m not 100% sure how much CF would help with that. thanks!!

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