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The flow of energy that moves us into action. This energy comes from the crystal clear thoughts of what we truly want, what our heart connection is. This powerful flow of energy comes from the feelings generated by our clearest thoughts.

When we master the ability to focus on the thoughts that come from our natural brilliance, we have achieved the first step to mastering motivation. The second step is to use our feelings to make sure we stay on track. This means that we use our feelings as a gauge to identify where our thoughts are coming from and disregard those thoughts that have low or negative energy. The third step is to act on those thoughts that come from our natural state of mind – Source. These three steps are the key to motivation, being motivated, staying motivated and living a happy, fulfilling life.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of motivational systems available in the marketplace. They offer music, affirmations, and goal setting steps that are meant to lead us to success. Motivational speakers thrive on rags to riches stories. These may provide some assistance in relaxation or hope that there is a better way. However, the core of motivation comes from our natural brilliance. It is always an inside-out job.

This is simple. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to learn to stay connected to your natural brilliance. The brilliance which exists in all of us is our connection to the universal life force, which is the source of the highest and best thoughts, feelings, and motivation.

Our brilliance is our connection to our “heart-song”. It contains our deepest desires and our purpose for being. It links us to our potential for our highest
fulfillment. When we identify our goals and dreams from this most essential part of ourselves, we have connected with the truth of who we are. We are then aligned with all of the power in the Universe and can manifest our best with ease and joy. This pure alignment is the motivation we all seek.

Imagine a world where every human being is seeing their best, being their best, and giving their best to life.

Derailing the Sticking Point

Smart Physical Workout

Regulating the physiological processes for any athlete is a real issue, especially after a lengthy layoff. Once they return into the hard-core workouts, they gain muscle size rapidly. Especially for bodybuilders, where they can grow like crazy for a while, growth rate will slow down and finally stop altogether. You can continue to go all out, eat well, rest sufficiently, but the answer is always the same; you’re stuck, nothing happens. Your muscles just do not want to grow bigger. This reaction is far from unusual. It is no exaggeration to say that 95 percent of all active bodybuilders are currently as a “sticking point” in their training.

Progressive resistance exercise is a stress, and when you first subject your body to this form of stress it reacts quickly, getting itself ready for further stress by strengthening and enlarging its muscles and tendons. But the body will only do so much. It will not continue to add muscle size unless there is a very good reason. Merely repeating what you first did to stress or shock the body is not enough to keep your body growing and growing. New stresses or shocks have to be found.

So what factors can assist with reactivating muscle growth, if you do not allow your muscles sufficient time to recover after a workout, you will dig yourself into an almighty staleness that will be difficult to shake. A person who is always on the go will never build super large muscles. If you are the type who plays tennis before your workout and goes dancing afterwards, then wave goodbye to those 20 inch guns you wanted for Christmas. They won’t come this year, or next, or ever.

Of course, this applies also to extra sports activities. By all means body build and engage in sports, but when the time comes that you want to maximize your gains, and then your extra activities must go. Later, when you have achieved your goal, you can bring them back into your calendar. Even today with split and double-split routines, most bodybuilders find it most beneficial to train only every other day, leaving a complete day of rest after each workout.

Barbell and dumbbell training is the most severe form of exercise invented to punish muscles. Bench presses 200 pounds 10 times, and in a mere matter of seconds you have lifted some 2,000 pounds. After a complete weight training workout in which you will likely lift hundreds of tons via your repeated sets and repetitions, you will need. Rest.

Then there is shocking muscles, stubborn muscles must be subdue them out of complacency and get them to grow bigger and bigger, Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his exercises around from time to time and even performed them in a different manner, to shock his muscles into growing. Sameness leads to boredom. Variety will bring about reaction. Of course, one could try to shock the muscles by never performing the same routine twice. However, the general consensus is that one’s schedule should be repetitive to some extent in order to stimulate regular exercise progression. It is when the fullest intensity has been extracted from a particular exercise that the muscle must be “shocked” into responding. You must, in some deviously planned manner, overwhelm it with a complete change of pace, a new exercise, considerably more or fewer repetitions, a change in your exercise sequence or in the frequency of your workouts, or some other new mode of training. The prime requisite is that the change be sufficient to make your muscles react.

Like anything else, lay-offs are good if used properly. If you lay off from training too frequently though, that will most probably doom you to failure, but there are many good reasons why you should lay off from time to time. A few days’ rest, a week if need be, gives your body time to accumulate nutritional and nervous energy. Your body’s reaction to progressive weight training is what it’s all about. You may train extremely hard and yet not gain for reasons other than exercise. Your reaction to heavy exercise may be nil, because you never give yourself a chance to benefit from exercise. Timely lay-offs can keep your muscles growing.

Gradually increasing the length of your workout (without increasing the length of rests between exercises) can serve to increase the overload on your muscles, and thereby make them grow bigger. Other things being equal, more exercise, more sets, etc., make for more progress. However, there’s a point at which workout duration becomes too long, and results start to regress. At that point, you must reduce the length of your workouts considerable and adopt a new program. Then you formulate a new intensity drive in which, using your new routine, you gradually increase poundage and bring about sustained muscle growth.

Motivation and Goal Setting

Smart Physical Workout

Define Your Wants.

A New Year a New you, how many times have you said that to yourself. No matter how many gadgets you have or people you speak with, if you are not motivated to achieve your fitness goals then they just won’t be achieved.

People who have been forgotten overtime, but still set us on our path, for you see, nothing has changed, regardless of the fad diets, the equipment you use, or the reality TV shows you watch, it is within you and only you to set your goals.

Motivation is what drives us forward, more than any other thing. If you have it, then great, you are driven, hooked on achieving your goal, and nothing can hold you back. The gas pedal is locked in the down position, and all you have to do is steer. If you are driven or focused then half your training battle is won. There is danger of course, as you could become victim of uncontrollable enthusiasm. You could overwork, over train, become totally disillusioned, and ultimately give up in disgust. But it’s far better to be over inspired and over motivated that not to be inspired at all. Let that fire and longing burn deep within your bones. You need success. Nothing, nothing, nothing else matters.

With this inborn desire it is never a matter of whether you should train or not. The question doesn’t arise. You wouldn’t miss a workout if you were paid. The only question is how to make your workouts as useful, efficient, and beneficial as possible. This inborn drive is often referred to as aggression that is enthusiastic and obsessive.

Whatever the case, use your drive carefully, use your positive sense of self-assertiveness, but you must temper it with intelligent application to correct training. Otherwise, “burn-out city”. Utilise your aggression, because chances are that as you mature, your aggression will gradually desert you. And when motivation is gone, you are in the in enviable position of having to drum up your enthusiasm artificially. You might also lose your attention span for training. Sure you still want the great looking body, but the verb want is very different from the verb need.

Regardless of whether you have an uncontrollable need or only a wholesome want you must organise your mind through a series of goal-setting actions. Without any positive and clearly visualised goals, you simply cannot succeed.

If you are not self-motivated, you must motivate yourself. Many people, bodybuilders included, remain satisfied with too little. Do not be content with insignificant achievements. Many get so far and no further. Do not be content with developing a body so that it’s just a little better than the average physique. Lack of drive is death. Apathy is your enemy.

Don’t rest on your laurels. You must make every effort to cultivate the positive emotional force which compels the necessary physical action to take place, and the first essential is a positive, forceful mental outlook. You need to develop the attitude to life that does not accept permanent limitation. You must possess a spirit of abounding enthusiasm and the determination that ultimately makes failure impossible.

It can be helpful at times to feel a certain amount of dissatisfaction, not the dissatisfaction of despair, but dissatisfaction with your present level of achievement. You can use this as fuel for forging ahead, trying harder and achieving success. Never fall into the trap of being satisfied with too little.

Goal setting is the answer to the question, where am I going? without clearly defined goals, short and long term, your journey will be like a ship without a destination. You must take the time and thought to clearly define your direction. You have to understand your potential, and remember that every action starts as a thought. Without that first step, nothing is possible. Ask yourself the following;

  1. What do I want? More weight? Leaner physique? Better proportions? Ultra-fitness? win competition?
  2. What boy type am I? An endomorph (heavy set and fat), a mesomorph (big boned and muscular), or an ectomorph (small-boned and skinny)?
  3. What is the level of my experience?

As a  beginner, you should aim to bench press your bodyweight six times, and squat with your bodyweight for fifteen reps. As an intermediate, you should aim for one and half times your bodyweight for both six reps and for fifteen reps in the full squat. When you get into advanced bodybuilding, you have to set your goals one month at a time. Write them down, and post them on your notice board where you can see them daily. That will continually remind you of where you want to be. Reinforcing your goals on a regular basis will help to steer your actions.

If your present training has not worked sufficiently, then instant change is necessary. Re-motivate yourself. Set realistic goals, and power your way with determination all the way to the top!

Motivation rules

There’s plenty written about various techniques of motivating yourself into eating well and performing physical activity on a regular basis, and particularly in the winter months when the days are shorter and outside temperatures are less pleasant. It’s definitely important to be able to foster good habits for the rest of your life, and to ensure that that initial motivation becomes a way of being — but how do you know when it’s time NOT to go gung-ho on that hectic exercise regime? We take a look.

If you’ve done a hefty leg work-out at the gym, or have just run for the first time in four years, the chances are that your leg muscles are going to ache the day after. This is not the time to embark on a half marathon. Part of creating lean and smooth muscles is the recovery time, when they physically mend themselves from the (necessary) stress you have put them under.

The solution?
Work your muscles in different body groups. That is, for one session, focus on your arms and back; the next session, focus on your lower body; the next, the chest and abdominals. This way you are giving your muscles time to recuperate while still keeping the momentum of your exercise routine. Don’t forget that chest, arm and back work-outs often involve using some of the same muscles, so try not to do these on consecutive days. Some people who are in training also swear by protein powder for protein shakes, as the protein can help to build and maintain strong muscles. But the real solution is simply to give your muscles a break while they recover.

Exercise is a silly thing to do if you have a viral infection, even if you feel like it. Your breathing is impaired, you are weaker and therefore more prone to injury, you risk worsening the infection and you also risk spreading your lurgie to other people who are exercising. Serious damage can be done through dizziness while exercising, and particularly while exercising with weights or on a treadmill. Equally, it is possible that your infection may cause myocarditis s inflammation of the heart muscle. In rare cases this may even lead to cardiac arrest.

The solution?
Don’t exercise! Stay in bed, take whichever cold and flu remedies are necessary to help you get better and keep warm. Exercising while you’re ill may actually delay your recovery and prevent good work-outs for longer than if you stayed in bed. Don’t worry about losing your motivation: once you’re fit and well again, you’ll be bursting with energy — and you’ll be armed with the knowledge that because you got your routine going once, you’ll be able to do so again. It’s frustrating, but use the time to do more house-bound activities such as reading, watching that DVD you’ve been meaning to watch for ages or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Pregnancy more than ever is a time for increasing your health, so don’t use it as an excuse to sit down for nine months. Many experts now conclude that in the first trimester it is possible to do almost any sporting activity that the mother was experienced in before her pregnancy, but in the interests of your safety and that of your child, go to your GP and make sure that all is well. Many mothers-to-be feel more comfortable avoiding high-impact sports such as running, as well as lifting heavy weights. Don’t forget, as well, that what is possible in the first trimester simply isn’t in the second and third trimesters, as your baby’s weight increases and your mobility decreases.

Many experts now conclude, however, that mums who exercise throughout their pregnancies tend to have quicker and easier labours, and their recovery times are less than mums who have done no exercise during their pregnancies. This said, pregnancy is not the time to start a regime if you have never really exercised before.

The solution?
Consult your doctor about what is and isn’t possible for you in your pregnancy and, when you do exercise, stop immediately if you don’t feel good or if you have any pain or discomfort. You might want to consider buying a heart rate monitor for yourself, and wear it during exercise to make sure that your heart rate does not exceed the maximum recommended for the trimester you’re in. Swop to low-impact activities such as walking or stationery cycling, and consider joining an exercise class that is designed especially for pregnant women. There you can benefit from the trainers’ wealth of experience and also meet other mums-to-be, helping you with the biggest mental change of your life as well as with your fitness.

In general you will know if you have been born with a limiting condition, such as a scoliosis or arthritis. Other conditions may develop later in life. Pay attention to shortness of breath, stiffness and pain, and visit your doctor if anything seems to be amiss. Exercising can make you more aware of your body in the first place, allowing you to pick up on things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The solution
Medical advice on exercise will of course depend on your exact condition, but activity may involve avoiding high-impact exercise such as running and relying more on activities such as swimming, that can help to support joints and muscles instead of placing them under stress. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a physiotherapist; alternatively you may be in a position to consult a qualified personal trainer who can devise a training plan that’s specifically tailored to your needs. Don’t forget that training plans need modification every few months so that your body can gain maximum benefit from the exercise you are undertaking.

Weight Loss Motivation, Why Motivation Is So Important To Lose Weight

Smart Physical Workout

When a person makes the decision to lose weight, one of the most important parts of a successful weight loss program is the level of motivation that a person has before they start on a program.

Put simply motivation is really the driver behind the actions that we take to reach the goals that we want to reach. Without any real strong motivation, we struggle to get started or overcome obstacles that prevent or block us from getting to the places that we want to be at.

Now motivation can come from many different things and can vary in degrees of importance from one person to another.

The real key is to figure out what you are motivated by before you start on your weight loss program. This is important for many reasons. When you are motivated for the right reasons, the process is much simpler and more focused and targeted. This is often the difference between failing and succeeding with goals and targets.

The first question to really ask yourself is exactly why you want to lose weight, this may seem fairly obvious, but many completely start on the wrong foot and therefore can’t find the motivation needed to take the actions to get the results that they want.

Think about this for a moment, how many times have you decided to set your mind to something, but not for personal reasons, for something or someone else.

Well this logic is the same for weight loss, if you do not have personal motivation to lose weight but your personal satisfaction then you will find it very hard to find the motivation to go through the whole process and reach the end.

I believe this is a mistake that many people make when it comes to weigh loss. The idea of losing weight for a close relative or loved on does not really provide the real motivational backbone to start with.

To lose weight for personal reasons that will make you happier and more confident with your improved healthier body is that always going to provide the best fuel for motivation

A good strategy to get this process started would be to sit down for an hour or two and write down every reason why you want to lose weight. If you do this you may find a few common patterns ring through on your notes.

The first thing to do is making sure all your reasons to lose weight are all personal reasons and not for others, as stated above this is so important.

The next thing to do with you goals that are written down would be to look at them and make sure they are realistic and measurable. You would only be setting yourself up for failure if the goals that you have set are far from realistic and unmeasurable.

Attempting to reach such goals would be disastrous from the start and motivation to carry on would soon run out.

Another very effective tip is to break down the ultimate goal into smaller mini goals that you work on toward each month. If you skip this process and went with the mind-set that I am going to say for example “lose 50 pounds with 6 months” , this is manageable but without knowing how much to lose per week and month.

This could be a real issue in the long run and you may struggle to find motivation to continue on the quest to lose the weight that you want to lose.

Motivation is also an excuse that many people throw around loosely, especially when it comes to weight loss. How many times have you heard a close friend say that they wanted to lose weight, but they never really got round to it, lack of motivation is normally the reason behind this.

The simple truth is that when you have strong motivation to do something then you will most likely take the right cause of action or proceed with a plan to reach the goals that you desire.

In terms on how to find motivation to continue and persist with your weight loss program when things get tough, there are several ways to overcome this issue. Everyone has friends that will give them a kick in the right direction from time to time. Music is also a fantastic way.

One of the most underrated and neglected ways of training the mind to beat the “lack of motivation” syndrome is to mix up and change the routine/pattern that you have been doing to keep the body guessing and the progress coming.

Knowing what motivates you to take action is the real key to success, motivations is one of the most important issues you will face on your weight loss journey, the real question to ask is how badly do you want to lose weight and improve your body shape. If you want it badly enough then motivation should not be a problem.

How to Motivate Yourself to Continue Your Running Journey

Smart Physical Workout

Are you looking to improve your fitness but finding it hard to motivate yourself? Finding an online running club to suit you can increase your motivation levels are likelihood of succeeding on your fitness journey. Having a sense of accountability can help you to motivate yourself and going to a virtual running club can provide you with the motivation to continue your fitness journey without all the costs of a gym.

  1. Costs

The costs of a running journey do not have to be extortionate, with prices rising at the gym, people are finding it increasingly difficult to fund their fitness journeys. Fitness does not have to cost a fortune any longer as you can now get the same experience from joining an online running club. From forums where people discuss tips to research you do online, virtual running clubs are a much cheaper alternative way to progress your fitness journey

  1. Flexibility

The benefit of joining a virtual running club is that it allows you a lot more freedom and flexibility. You no longer have to rush to the gym before it shuts after work, or schedule personal trainers and then forget because life gets in the way. Online running clubs are great for those who have busy lives but still want to get fit.

Your fitness is an important part of your life but online fitness clubs understand that sometimes you have to fit your workouts in around other areas of your life. If you are to stay dedicated to improving your running ability then it is important you set boundaries that you are likely to keep to, otherwise it can feel like a chore and become too much to maintain. Setting comfortable parameters ensures that you will be able to maintain your running and continue to progress with your abilities.

  1. Motivation

By joining an online running club, you can have motivation and support at the touch of a fingertip at all times. Motivation can be provided be one’s self or from other people, an online fitness club can work wonders for your motivation when you can see how successful other people have been on their journey. Looking at other people’s journeys can be a great source of motivation as it shows that running does have an impact and you can achieve this yourself if you stick at it and stay motivated.

  1. Access

The great thing about online running clubs is the information that they give you access to. Having access to a wider variety of resources than simply a treadmill at a gym, you can vastly expand your knowledge of running and increase productivity of your workouts. By having more access to resources, you can monitor your progress and establish ways to increase speed or stamina to eventually help you to reach your fitness goal. By using other members stories and information you can build up a lot of knowledge and apply it to your own running activities.

Motivation and Inspiration-The Eye of the Tiger

Smart Physical Workout

Do you have something in your life, which empowers you to succeed? Everyone has something which turns the fire on inside. I guess you have at least one. It can be anything.

• It can be a melody or the lyrics.
• It can be a book.
• Maybe it is an inspirational movie.
• It can be a view or a scene from your life.
• It can be someone you are close.
• It can also be a kiss from your child.
• It can even be your dreams.

Melodies and Lyrics can do much more than you can imagine.

My favorite song, which gives the power to move on, is “It’s My Life” from Bon Jovi. Every time I listen to it, I feel like my batteries are charged and ready to go. It reminds me that it is My Life and I am the Master of it.

“Got to make your own breaks”

If there is a song, which affects you positively, do not hide it somewhere. Sometimes we do not notice that we need a little push to go on. You should keep the things, which motivate, inspire, and spend some time with them.

• Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
• It’s My Life- Bon Jovi
• Hero- Mariah Carey
• I believe I can fly
• Don’t worry Be Happy

Movies can make dreams come true.

There are some inspirational movies, which can touch your deep emotions. You start to judge your emotions, decisions and goals while watching these movies. They give a different view of what is going on in your life.

Some reminds me that there is always hope. Some shows me that none of my problems is important when compared with others problems. Some help me believe anyone can have the power to change the world for good. Some forces to act now because there can be no tomorrow. Some proves that if I have a strong desire and reason, I will make it. Some give clues about how life and success has relation with other people.

I made a list of six movies, which affected me. I know there are more maybe better ones to add. The point is, it should inspire and motivate you.

• The Pursuit of Happyness
• Schindler’s List
• Pay it forward
• The Bucket List
• Braveheart
• Crash

Do you have a Totem which gives you power?

In modern times, people chose to adopt a personal spirit animal helper, which has a special meaning to them, and may refer to this as a totem.
Before starting this article, I did not notice that I have a totem. The most effective thing, which motivates and inspires me and gives me the power, is my totem. It is a tiger but especially the eye of the tiger. It has a different affect on me.

• A tiger is the power itself. The power scares everything around it.
• It has failures but it is unstoppable. It never gives up.
• It has no fear. It goes after whatever it wants and gets it.
• It is so confident that everything respects it. Have you ever noticed its posture?
• It is wild and free. It does not need to hide.
• You cannot notice its weaknesses but inside it is only a kitty.

I am not sure why tigers give me so much inspiration and motivation. The look in the eye of a tiger is something different. I cannot take my eyes off it.
Do you feel a strange connection with an animal? Does an animal gives you power to move on?

Find out where you get the power for emergency.

Everyone should try to find out the things, which empower him or her. No matter what just find out where you can get the motivation and inspiration you need. When you feel lost and helpless, you just need a push to take a step. In those times, will you really care whom or what pushed you? It can be your best friend, your mentor, the book you read many times or even an ordinary film, a song nobody knows, a time of the day no one pays attention, the big weeping willow in a park, you name it. Just find it.

Self Motivation Techniques – 4 Simple Ways to Fire up Your Inner Drive

Smart Physical Workout

It happens to all of us from time to time… we just wake up lacking the energy to do anything…

Not wanting to go out of bed, not wanting to stay in it either. That’s normal. That’s the stuff of life, so to speak.

What is NOT normal is getting attached to a lack of energy and motivation. What is NOT normal is to continuously talk yourself out of doing anything at all. But what do you do when all the drive inside of you has disappeared?

Try Raising Your Self Motivation With these Simple Techniques:

1. The worst-case scenario

We have all been told that envisioning success is an excellent motivator. Now, why not try the exact opposite? Why not envision a future that is bleak, hopeless and stripped off all happiness and success? Why not envision yourself living eternally in a rut where a sense of accomplishment and hope are non-existent?

The feelings of desolation are enormous. That’s pretty scary, right?

Few people realize that they already own a one-way ticket towards this very outcome. Choices you make every day based on either being motivated to accomplish what you set out to do or ignoring your goals and becoming distracted in the non-essential day-to-day minutia.

Turn your life around and work for a goal. Now, that is getting motivated.

2. Set a date for change and commit to it

Change must come to everyone of us. Sometimes it is forced upon us, sometimes we choose when it will happen. It is always much more preferable to have control over the change that is upon us.

If the change you are seeking requires a specific date on the calendar, then set it…

Make a huge, red circle around the date and stick with it. Let this serve as a motivator to start doing the things you should have done weeks, months or years ago. Let this chosen date serve as the new beginning of your life.

3. Don’t lose sight of your goals

It is easy to lose your focus when there is too much distraction around. Whether it’s the kids, clutter at your work area, Twitter or Facebook, you will find that these simple things remind you of other things that can drive your concentration away from the task at hand.

To prevent yourself from killing your self motivation, always try to stick with your goals and shut out whatever it is that it trying to pull you in another direction.

4. Break the routine

When you’re doing the same thing every day, sooner or later, the enthusiasm you once had for your daily routine will drain out of you…

No matter how passionate you were with your work, project, or goal when you were just beginning, you will suffer from lack of motivation once your body senses that it is performing the same tasks day in and day out.

Don’t be afraid to break the routine once in a while. Quit work for a full day. Stop doing your routine for a week. Take a month-long vacation. Take on a new hobby for a year.

These can help energize you and rekindle your drive. And while you’re taking your break from your routine, anticipate the resurgence of energy you once had by the time you get back to work.


Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, in Thal, Austria. A child, who had an ordinary upbringing, earned the title of Austrian Oak, or Styrian Oak in the bodybuilding universe. It is just about power? Rather, it is all about the will power that took Arnold to the heights of bodybuilding. A teenager, who was fascinated by the gym, took magnitudes of body shaping to the next level of personification.

Countless hours of training, unbearable pain and a firm dedication grabbed him the title of Mr. Universe in 1967, for the first time. All his achievements impelled him to accomplish something more, which took his bodybuilding a step ahead.

How muscular physique helped him conquer Hollywood?

Schwarzenegger had an ideology to set new goals, achieve them and add levels to the gratification of life’s achievement. After having his roots firm in bodybuilding, he wanted to become an actor. His first movie was Hercules in New York in the year 1970. Gradually he became a prominent pick of most of the producers. One after another movie he set the Hollywood on fire with his acting skills and gave an impression of fine body line as a trademark of adored personality.

He was being taken to the zenith of eminence, success, and class by his fate. Later he was appointed as the 38th Governor of California and served from 2003 to 2011.

A dream needs to be nourished, so it can yield an image in existence. If you too have a dream to touch the sky, earn stardom with your masculine physique then we are here to give wings to your dream. We have a wide range of health supplements and products that will help you to be a titan of bodybuilding.