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Some smart watches can give the functionality of a smartphone, locked up in a little box that you wear on your wrist. (They won’t have quite the memory or storage, understandably, but it’s still pretty impressive.) Others will have Bluetooth technology, to hook up to your other mobile devices, as well as Internet connectivity. And, with an Android or Wear OS operating system, they can also accept voice commands, and support a huge range of apps. They can be used to receive text messages–so that you can stay in touch if something urgent comes up.

Yoga has often become synonymous with terms like exercise and postures. A dozen myths come to mind which have bombarded people’s perceptions of Yoga and altered the way it has been understood over the years. Sadly, even after gaining widespread attention over the past few years, there still exists a gap in what it actually is and what people view it as.

This hugely fun and functional exercise is fantastic for working out, improving endurance, and boosting your footwork and coordination – there’s a reason boxers swear by it.

Smart Physical Workout

Resistance bands are the ultimate piece of exercise equipment, and an underrated piece of every fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. You can squat with them during an at-home LIT Method workout or bring them to your next in-person barre class. A resistance-band set is more affordable than buying a large workout machine, easy to store or travel with, and amazingly versatile. You may think of them primarily as a way to work your booty, but resistance bands can also be utilized to target your legs, arms, and abs.

Smart Physical Workout

There’s nothing better than that post-workout glow; dripping in sweat and feeling accomplished and ready for the day knowing you’ve just smashed a high-intensity workout, run or a peaceful yoga session. But to do this, we need to pick an outfit first.