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Yoga has often become synonymous with terms like exercise and postures. A dozen myths come to mind which have bombarded people’s perceptions of Yoga and altered the way it has been understood over the years. Sadly, even after gaining widespread attention over the past few years, there still exists a gap in what it actually is and what people view it as. While it has, no doubt, happily found its way into the lives of many and become a famous tool for improving and maintaining mental and physical health, its definition in the minds of many is still largely limited to “another physical exercise”. While I personally see no wrong in engaging with it purely for physical benefits because it does offer those perks, I also wish to bring forward the true essence of this age-old practice while shedding light on a chosen few of the many ways it impacts our psychological well-being.

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The Chi Mat has a functional design with a symbol system that properly aligns the body, and gamifies Yoga and mindful movement. It is naturally described by players as ‘Yoga-twister’.

The sweetest aspect of the matching mats in kid and adult sizes is the caretaker/child play-time bonding. Chi Mat makes the perfect wellness gift, and provides a great classroom or at-home learning program in person or virtually.

Inside every mat is a double sided how-to game poster of 200 poses, one side features the kid’s program (Yoga curriculum), and the opposite side features Celebrity Yoga Teacher and Creator, Bobbi Hamilton CYT, to appeal to a teen and adult audience.
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